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Monday, November 23, 2015

SEM 2 ASiD (Asasi in Dengkil)

Hello Assalamualaikum... Yezza, Alhamduillah result final exam sem1 dah keluar last week and i pass it :)

2nd semester of foundation in science is getting near and i already verify the course for sem2 few days ago.

Yupp, my batch and i are going to be the last batch of foundatio in UiTM Puncak Alam (asasi only) and going to be the first batch in UiTM Dengkil the new not so great building.

Hehehe, bukan tak bersyukur but i dont find it logic to design our college like this.

Apakah... enam meja belajar di ruang tamu di susun bersebelah-sebelahan.. like how are we going to study silently.. urghh.. i dont know about you guys but me, i am so not comfortable with this. i dont know how am i going to bare with this for the whole sem. 

harap2 tak menjejaskan pelajaran.. huhuhu if not, study kat library laaa everyday... urghhh..
the reason they did this is because they said, agar roommate yang nak tidur tak terganggu.. WTF man, kalau silau, pakai lah eye mask, improvise! pfft, ini orang yang nak study pulak kene duduk luar..

entahlah, maybe it is great for discussion i guess?? *discussion gossip/dota* LMAO

oh and another thing i dont really comfortable with is the wardrobe.. becasue the room is super small, more like a storage room.. the wardrobe is super super small. its like half off the wardrobe in PALAM.

anyway, the toilet is pretty... hahaha, the authority seems so proud of it looking at how frequent they keep posting the toilet photos.. hehehe, 

i dont know about the class and lecture hall yet since sem2 belum mula lagi... from the picture they post in UiTM Dengkil facebook page, tak besar sangat lah.. but pretty though...

so, yeah tu je.... 
*i am not posting this untuk mogok ke ape like the hashtag say no to dengkil that become a thing last semester. it is just my opinion as ASiD(Asasi in Dengkil) to be.. :)


  1. oo..dengkil da buka eh?baru lg kn tempat nie..

    1. yupppp.. hihi, kitorang nanti akan jadi first batch masuk situ disember ni :))

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