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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Educamp UTP 2015

Hello & Assalamualaikum semua... It has been a long time since my last post pasal interview MJHEP tu kan...

Sadly, I didn't get the Japan Class thing... But I tak kisah sangat cause I didn't hope for it too much anyway. But the interview session gave me an interesting experience.. It was a couple interview. Means 2 participants and 2 interviewers in 1 room. Faham? So, you olzz kena compete with each other lah.

Better jangan masuk dengan kawan sendiri. Hahaha. Because you have to fight hard ok to impress the interviewers.

Nevertheless, I am posting this post nak ceghitewww pasal educamp UTP 2015..

It was simple. Super simple. The procedure and everything. Senang sangat. You just have to be really great in admath & english anddddd boom! you got it... BTW, unlike other participants, I;m not really amazed/surprised by the UTP Chancelor Hall because I have been there many times. My sister graduated from there so.. Tak jakun sangat lah.. Hehehe. But if you want to take a look, nah:

Click UTP Virtual Tour (Its an awesome app!!)

Outside Cahncelorr Hall & Library *Tq Google
My parents  & sis. Me? Kat dalam tengah dengauu taklimatt.. -..-
The Chancellor Hall *Tq Google :P

Okay, back to our ceghitewww... Kenapa admath & english?????

The new version of educamp UTP ni dah tak macam sebelum2 ni. Okay, dulu chuolz nak masuk UTP akan diberi study case and you kena lay out your opinions apa semua kan.. like MUET.

But not anymore!

Me, and my batch/friends/whoever yang datang educamp for March intake hari tu were the first batch yang use this new "admisson testing service". Read their articles here:  UTP to become the first university in Malaysia to implement admissions testing services.

It is very simple. Not need a lot to explain pun. So kepada next batch yang kalau kalau nak masuk UTP for this JULY(Foundation) / MAY(Degree) intake, don't worry for the educamp. Just try to practise.

You can just google TSA test, and download je soalan dari Cambridge. Its the same okay! Trust me. :)

So, during my educamp on 8 February 2015, 
Registration starts at 7:30am-8:30am. So I registered at 8.20am. Well, typical me for being a little late. Tak salah kan, ada lagi 10 minit tu. hihhihi

Then there was a talk, about UTP and the courses for an hour... Okay laaa.. Not bored sangat sebab jumpa kawan baru osem.. hahaha

Then, akak/abang fasci will bring us to a lab fulled with computersssss... so, I sesi pagi, ada group A-H. and of coz, I was in group H.

so masuk makmal H. Masuk je, dorang akan bagi instructions.. and start! First skali, you allzzzzz kena buat:

Interview: Alaaa, toksah risau, fasci je yang tanya. Aku dapat fasci yang macam blur2 je.. dia interview aku, pastu bukan dengar aku cakap apa.. lolz... -,-Dia tanya lebih kurang like these:

  • Describe about yourself:
  • Why do you think UTP should choose you
Something like that. But my friend, Tharani dia dapat soalan agak brain-storming. Hahaha.
  • How to reduce traffic jam:
  • What is Petroleum Engineering:
  • and so forth.
That is it. And you are done! Call parents, selfie selfie.. vroooomm.. balik Melakaa... or wherever you come from.. :P Hahahaha

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  1. Untunglah dapat UTP :P

  2. saya dulu belajar Jepun under MARA tu lah..ngee..xpelah memang rezeki wana ka UTP kan=)) all the best..

  3. UTP... xpe. xdpt Jepun pn janji dpt smbung study juga kan.. al d best :-)


  4. Assalamualaikum dik, kalau boleh tnye..abes dlm pukul brpe educamp ni?

    1. Wasalam.. biasanya pukul 11-12 habis dah kalau sesi pagi... kalau petang pukul 5-6 jugak laaa kot... hihi

  5. assalamulaikum..wana, kat mane wana download TSA test tu?

  6. kena bawak ape pergi educamp??

    1. Bawa diri jee.. make sure you wears formal attire... sijil2 rasanya dorang tak tengok pun... and be preparwd for the math questions and tsa like ive eention above 😊

    2. math question tu addmth ke more to math biase.ahahah .

    3. Addmath laaa.. hehehe... practice addmt.. 😊

  7. mana nak cari tsa test tuu. idk how to search :'(

    1. You just google tsa cambridge test... and try any website.. most if them are the same. Im using phone rn susah nakhare linkπŸ˜… goodluck 😊

  8. Replies
    1. From my experience. No... but i do not sure how is it going to be this year.. sorry... hehehe

  9. tahun ni punya dia ckp 3hari, official later yg dia bgi pon notis 3days, tahun ni maybe?

  10. ke dia 30,31,1 atau dia actually ade 3hari untuk semenanjung, any of the three days tu ade interview session. which means, educamp for a day and ciao

    1. Maybe tu sesi hari lain kot2. Ramai kan? Entah imnot sure how is it going to be thia year.. hehehe. This post is based on my experiebce last year 😊

  11. Hi! For the interview, biasanya dalam group atau sorang-sorang? Dan buat ujian & interview tu dalam bilik yang sama ke? Terima kasih