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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Daiso Japan Shop and SOXWORLD , HAUL!!!

Hello Assalamualaikum.. ape kabau orang melakeee?? hahaha..
Maklumlah, baru balik round-2 separuh Melaka. Negeri kecik jee..

So, today, I just bought few things from AEON Melaka near Tesco Melaka. If you don't know where the outlet is, just carik je GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) on the 2nd floor. depan GSC tu je.

What is it about Daisoo??!!

The prices!! All the items are only RM5. Which is ridiculous for some small items. But, the kawaii looks, the cute looks make meee... aahhh.. NVM that! Just grab it. hahaha.. so here are the items I bought. HAUL!!!!

All the above items cost RM5 each. So, I bought six items and total of all the items are RM 30 ^^
Here are close up items view. Have a look the kawaii-ness and cuteness.. hahaha

I asked ibu to buy this for herself cause she always used mine. haha.

Cute right?! I love neon colours! especially BLUE! Its a glue stick okengg? hehe

This is, as you can see, a mirror~~~ I buy this cause it have cute design on the back and I can easily pakai makeup without tertonjet tonjet kat depan almari solek tu. Hahaha.

Looooooongg handsock, you see that hole? Its for the thumb.. hahahaha

School is near, soooo, pocket tissue will definitely needed!!

Neon colour tote bag. BLUE ^^ I bought this cause I wanna put my telekung for kelas tambahan next year.
*Pray for me :) *
 And so that is from DAISO Japan Shop, then, my ibu said nak pergi cuci mata dalam AEON. So, from we started walk to AEON and then terlalu plak kat depan outlet SOXWORLD! OMG, automatik kaki gua stop and grab ibu's hand! Tak perasan pulak ada SOXWORLD kat AEON ni. Hahaha. You know what they sell? Of course lah stoking. Hahaha. Colourful, nice, cute stokingssss.. hahaha

Lately I’ve been looking for this toe sock.. you know, that have 5 space for our toes down there? It just soooo comel.. hahaha.. My friend, Hajar ada beli a toe sock few days ago. Die beli online via instagram I think. But that socks usually dipakai oleh muslimah yang nak cover their foot while solat and outing cemtuu. And the colour a bit dull. And there is only space for the big toe.

Not that I’m insulting it, I just want colourful socks. Kawaii and cute.. hihi. I too have those muslimah’s socks, just wanna add up my socks collection you knoww.. hahaha

So here is what I bought from soxworld!! Cute right? It cost about RM 13.50

My first toe sock! Weehuuu ^^

Tadaaaa.. hahaha. cute! Okay thats for all.. buhbyeee~