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Friday, December 21, 2012

Alhamdulillah :D

Anyeong!! Ngahaha.. Hamenda lah aku merepek.. apa maksud anyeong?? "hello" eh? Hahaha.
Konon nak jadi KPOP fans.. :P

Assalamualaikum. :) PMR result had been released!! Congrats to my friends who succeeded and... Thanks to MY PARENTS, TEACHER and friends, Daya, Nabila, Mira, Iffah, Ummi, Hajar, Kimi, Faiq, Waji, senang citer, my classmates.. :) Thanks to you all for helping me on my studies.. *puihh, merepek.*

It was like in March I think. Masa ni SMKIS sambut hari Malidur Rasul. And yeah, there were only two librarians in my class and one of them is me.Haha

So, 19 Decemeber 2012, the day that very surprised me! The day that make me scream out loud, the day that make me CRY!. First, our principal said only 43 students who got 8As, and I was really down because I thought I'm not on the list of 8As students. But then, when Puan Normah called my name, You cant imagine what I felt.. I SCREAM gila gila punya SCREAM! Then I ran on stage.. Back stage, I cried.. OMG.. The Happiest moment on that day.. Even though my parents wasn't there watching me on stage, :') , it doesn't matter,.. But it would be nicer if they were there.. :3

Why I scream? Gila tak jerit? trial aku boleh tahan nak ke arah hancus tahu, and suddenly result PMR aku.. PERGGH... Nangis lah.. :'D

Later, I called my mum, I told her my result, and my mum cried too.. Hahaha, the most "terharu-est" moment okay, I felt happy sangat sampai hilang keayuan I duk menangis sebegitu sekali,.. Rugi tak bawa tisu. Hehe,

So, thats all, I want to say, thanks to my School teachers, tuition teachers, my tutors, and to all that always support me, my grandma, my aunts and uncles, thanks for praying for me.. :)

So now, I'm just waiting for MRSM to either call me or not. :/

The very last day of school.. We perform Dikir Puteri which we modified the song together.. hahaha.. Singing about our teachers :')

CONGRATS to all 43 students who succeed.. and congrats to 7As, 6As, 5As, 4As, 3As, 2As, and even 1As,.. Congrats, :)

*Editted, Tak dapat pun MRSM, and I don't want neither, tak merayu pun.. Why? Cuz I dunt like living in many rules.. Haha


  1. sya dh follow..hrp follow blik..

  2. eekkk....tu pon nak nangess........ =P
    tahniah la yekkk..untonglaaa dapat tablettt...hahahaha...

  3. sejak biler minat korea lak nih???