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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Burn!! BURNNN!!

Hello assalamualaikum...
okay let us get straight to my point..
Burn? Yup.. burn...♨♨♨♨♨
Uno when u accidentally touched hot objects, and then your skin hurts, inflammed and swollen and the pain 
Why i wanna talk about this..
Because i am tired!  Tired of getting so many burned skin hahaha
Uno i do most of the cooking in the house cuz i luv to cook but accident happens kannn.. i hate seeing those burn scars urgghh.. 
So after many experince with 2nd degree burn, i wanna share some tips for my readers(if there is any)

There are 3 primary types of burns: first, second, and third-degree. Each degree is based on the severity of damage to the skin..
First degree burn
Ni biasa2 je.. your skin becomes red and little pain. This is the most burn i tend to get in the kitchen.. no blister appear at this stage okay gugurls bobois semuaaa
2nd degree burn
Jenis yg ada blister.. blister ni macam bila korang main futsal atas gelanggang berkaki ayam, ada mcam gelembung putih kat kaki.. haa kinda like that. But if it is due to burn, the blister tu lg besar and so soft... it contain water in it.. jernih je.. if it is not, then your burn is infected.. go see doctor!!
so few weeks ago aku goreng ikan siakap and yahh terlepas dari tangan and splash!! Separuh Minyak masak yg sedang mendidih dalam kuali  pun melomoat keluar... sedikit daripadajya terlompat atas kaki molek ku ini..... wow.. it hurt so bad...
So first, ☝ u need to do is run a cold water over it for 5-10min..
DO NOT use ice!! Ni boleh menyebabkan bertambah bengkak !Then just apply any ointment that can calm inflammatory..
DO NOT sapu sebarang minyak.. minyak gamat pun xleh.. cuz minyak ni boleh meningkatkan suhu luka kita.. so ini menerukkan luka.. apa language aku ni *facepalm*
Then if the blister appear.. popped it when it is really tegang. Kalau takut pergi jumpa doctor.. lepas dah popped nanti nurse akan gunting kulit atas tu and cuci luka..✂✂ so your wound is safe from germs 
3rd degree burn..
Wow this one... u got no mo skin man idk any tips or home remedies about this one... only one idea.. GO SEE DOCTOR.. hahaha
Okay thats all gaiss.. my facts, tips ni semua hasil aku google dulu masa kena second degree burn tu.. hahahaha.. so yeah.. if u dont trust me.. google it yourself.. bende yg sama juga kau jumpa but maybe more accurate than what i give here.... babaiii 

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